It was a nice autumn evening, during the first days of the month of September, when a Guatemalan worker, William, was talking over his mobile phone right outside the workers’ house located on Novafruit’s site. Suddenly, he notices lights in the sky, right above the mountain of St-Paul d’Abbotsford a couple of hundreds of meters away.

A short moment after, his colleague Vicente was at the window and William told him to come and see what he was seeing. When Vicente met him outside, William ended his call and together they started watching the movements of these lights. Vicente was also incapable of determining the nature of what they were seeing in the sky. They described those five or six lights as round and making circular movements and at times linear ones. The lights appeared then disappeared, then reappeared, and this, several times during about twelve minutes. At times they acted simultaneously, at times one after the other, at times quickly and suddenly, and at times slowly. Sometimes they were all grouped together, and sometimes they acted separately or in small groups.

A third worker, Daniel, also came to join them outside and they asked him if he could see the lights. He apparently answered in a dubious way that yes he did but that he did not know what it was. When the lights stopped reappearing, William, Vicente and Daniel narrated what they had seen to their astounded colleagues.

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