On June 10th, 2010, around fifty guests, from different provinces and states, accepted our invitation to a dining cocktail to celebrate with us the launching of the new production site of Novafruit.
Indeed, after seven years in operations, Novafruit acquired in 2009 of a new site for the production of small fruits plants: a nursery especially designed for the multiplication of strawberry and raspberry plants in soil less culture. Located at the foot of the Mount Yamaska, in St-Paul d’Abbotsford, the site offers a very favourable climate, excellent quality water, a protected environment, and of easy access for our clients. An investment of nearly one million dollars was necessary to acquire and transform a land of thirteen hectares into a small fruit plant nursery, with buildings for refrigeration, a garage, a warehouse, an office, a house for the seasonal workers, a basin, an irrigation system, a drainage system, and so much more. These new infrastructures allow us to improve our growing conditions and to continue to offer you the best products and the best services in the industry.

It is also during this occasion that we had the pleasure to present CLERY CIV®, our brand new strawberry variety, which is the result of five years of experimentations. In order to know more about it, we were fortunate to be in the presence of its hybrider, Alessio Martinelli, who came from Italy especially for the occasion. We are convinced that this new very early cultivar bearing excellent quality fruits will cause a major impact in our markets during the years to come. Served alone or with melting chocolate, it was enjoyed by our guests!

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