The fresh plug plant is grown in plugs and planted on plastic mulches in August for a very early harvest at the beginning of June the next spring. It is used mainly in early productions systems on plastic mulches as in addition to having an excellent field growth, the fresh plug plant allows very early harvest of fruit of excellent quality and offers a better resistance to cold during winter.


The dormant plug plant is conserved all winter in a cold room until planting in spring. It can be advantageously used in several growing schemes, for instance in plasticulture with day-neutral varieties, replacing bare root plants. It can also be used in matted rows to obtain a better implantation or to replace dead plants on plasticulture.

It is a very versatile plant type that can be used as a frigo plant but with a larger planting possibility and a better field growing.


The trayplant is a strawberry plant grown in a large format multi-cell to build a production potential and then is conserved in a cold room until plantation. It offers a good production potential as soon as of the year of plantation. It is available for planting from December to July and is essentially destined to high-density growing in high tunnels or in greenhouses substrate, but there also exist some potential field growing applications with certain varieties.

It is the most evolved type of plant which allows programming the harvest according to the needs, at practically any moment of the year. It produces excellent quality fruit and is easy to manipulate in wide quantity of growing systems. Its high cost limits its use to high-density production in protected environments.


The dormant bare root plant is a bare root strawberry plant harvested in winter and conserved in a cold room. It is available for plantating in the field in April/May. It is the type of plant which is most used around the world for strawberry growing. Novafruit distributes dormant bare root plants grown in California with the world’s highest standard of quality.

Plant types

In addition to the wider choice of varieties, different types of strawberry plants now give the growers multiple possibilities. Each type of plant corresponds to distinct production systems, and the ultimate goal today is to find, in each firm, the right combinations of systems for its specific markets. The grower must therefore evaluate which systems shall be combined in his farm in order to permit him to supply more regularly a more standard product and of better quality.

"20 years ago, we had 20 different varieties in only one production system, today we have 20 ways to grow the same variety" (Peter Vinson, England)

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